“I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”

Have you ever heard someone say, “I would give anything to _____.” (fill in the blank with whatever it may be….sing like Josh Groban, play ball like Michael Jordan, have the wealth of Dave Ramsey….you get the picture).

I’ve certainly said this.  I frequently say it about playing the piano.  I’ll listen to my nephew play the piano and think, “I would give anything to play the piano like him.”  But….would I really?

I took piano lessons.

I had the opportunity.

I didn’t practice when I should have. Or I did it begrudgingly. Or….

When the opportunity to choose between playing the piano or playing with my friends/playing sports my choice was anything but the piano.  My nephew practiced every single day! Sadly, when it comes to my health and weight loss, my mode of operation has been much more like that loveable but delusional character, Whimpy,  from the Popeye cartoon from whence my title came.  I’m usually more than willing to eat something I shouldn’t and pay the price of it later than I am to eat what I should and work hard (paying for it now) in order to reap the much better reward later.

In reality, I wasn’t willing to do what it would take to be a great piano player.  I had other priorities.  This line of thought was prompted when I was swimming with friends the other night.  We were discussing the recent gastric sleeve operation of one of the friends and the financial snags the other was having in arranging her surgery.  –Let me just state right here that there are lots of approaches for weight loss and healthy living and one of them is certainly to have surgery.  This is a judgment free zone, so no hating on people who have weight loss surgery.  We each have our own path.– Anyway….during the discussion the following question was posed to me, “If money wasn’t an issue (which it is for me) would you have the weight loss surgery?”

It did get me thinking.  I want to be healthy.  I want to be fit.  And let’s face it…I’d like wear a dress made with half the fabric of my current size without going half-naked 🙂  .

What am I willing to do to have that?  Track my food? (which I hate) Schedule exercise?

What am I willing to go without/sacrifice?  Money? Time? Comfort?

What am I willing to add?  You get the picture.

Am I willing to pay the price today to win on Tuesday, or would I rather eat than hamburger now and pay for it later? 🙂

If I’m not willing to do something different than what I’ve been doing then nothing will ever change.  At least not for the better.

So here are the questions of the day for each of us:

  • Are you really willing to give anything to ________ (fill in the blank)?
    • (mine is to be the athlete I know I was meant to be, to be healthy, to live a long, productive and happy life without disease
  • What does that look like for you (right here, right now—this may change over time)?
  • What are you willing to do/go without/sacrifice/add today  that will help you achieve that goal?

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