An Athlete? Seriously?

I’ve put a lot of thought into deciding what it really is about this endeavor of losing weight and getting fit that I want to focus on.

Can I really be an athlete? Is it really possible?

When you hear/read the word athlete—what do you envision?My first inclination is to think of the Olympics or of professional or collegiate sports. That is a pretty elite group and let me assure you that my ambitions are not so deluded as to believe that I could ascend to the level of these elite athletes. However, I think there is room in the definition of the term athlete for the ordinary human being to push past barriers (real or imagined) and accomplish amazing things—athletic things.

One definition I have read is that an athlete is a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or games requiring physical skill—a person who has a natural aptitude for physical activities. Over the next several months I will be training and setting up opportunities to prove to myself that I can improve my physical agility, stamina, and strength and return to a position where I can participate in sports and tap into my natural athletic aptitude. Even at my current weight, I know deep down that I have a natural aptitude for athletic things.

So, yes. I consider myself an athlete. Or, at the very least an athlete in training. One of the explanations of ambition that I really like is: “an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, and the willingness to strive for its attainment.” YES! I have athletic ambition! Please join me as I push past barriers to reach my athletic ambitions.

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