Looks Do Matter!

Appearance does matter–when I say that I don’t mean you have to be super-model gorgeous or have a hot bod.   No matter what stage we are at in life or in a weight loss plan, it is important to take the steps to look our best—where we are right now.  It makes a huge impact—whether we realize it or not—on how we feel about ourselves, how we interact with the world around us, and quite frankly on how motivated we are to move forward with our plans to get healthy. No matter our size we need to wear clothes that fit and flatter, see that our hair is styled in a flattering manner, and if appropriate—wear some make-up.

Case in point:  It’s been a rough several weeks.  I’ve felt like I’ve been gaining and the scales have backed that up.  Life has been crazy busy.  I’ve been sick with every bug that’s come along since the first of the year.  I’m tired people.  Really tired.  Physically and emotionally t.i.r.e.d.!  Over the course of the last 13 pound gain, difficulty finding clothes that “really” fit me, and the demise of not one but both of my really good bras (sorry guys, there is bra talk in this post), I’ve been feeling a lot more frumpy and sad than was necessary.  I’ve always been a pretty proportionate person.  Even though I was heavy, I felt like I carried it well and even though I would consider myself slightly pear shaped, I always felt like it was only a slight pear shape.  Since I lost weight a few years ago (almost 100 pounds) and then gained it back that has changed.  Rather than being slightly pear shaped, it is like pear and an apple mated and their offspring was some mushy, not very shapley, peapple  🙂  Out of proportion tummy, hips, and arm abound.

It has been difficult to find truly flattering clothes.  If I buy clothing that fits my upper torso/bust area, it is too tight in my arms (the batwings are out of control) and across my stomach, which consequently wears those areas out more quickly than needed.  If I buy a dress so that it fits my upper torso it is way too small across my tummy and hips and I look like an unfortunate sausage stuffed into a too small casing.  Frustrating!  When the really good bras break it just adds insult to injury.  Without my good bras, it’s like I’m using some sad old tube socks to try and keep the girls in place and it is NOT attractive (and to think, before the bra intervention of September 2011, I didn’t even know what a difference the right bra could make 🙂 Thank you Sandy 🙂 ).  Add to that a missed hair cut/color due to being ill and the resultant overgrown and out of control mane on the top of my head and my recent bought of acne (what the heck—I’m 44, not 14), well, things are not happy around here.

Monday of this week I was feeling really frumpy.  I was wearing a 4x shirt.  The 3x fits most of me best and is more flattering, but I had purchased the 4x hoping it would last longer and fit a little better on the arms and stomach.  It does, but I look gross.  I’m going to try to get some pictures to post soon to show exactly what I mean.  My hair is too long for the cut and is less than flattering.  Even without looking in a mirror, I know that I’m reflecting how I look in my attitude and my actions. Sad. Grumpy. TIRED!

I was delighted because my new bras came in the mail yesterday.  Once I got the girls back in their rightful place it made such a difference.  The hair is still meh (can’t wait until next Wednesday). I put on a shirt that although it is a bit tight across the stomach is much more flattering than the tent I was wearing on Monday. And guess what…..I feel better.  I feel happier.  And whether it is really my appearance that makes the difference or my attitude—others notice the difference too.  I’m more productive.  I’m kinder—less grumpy.  I’m more concerned with others and less with myself. And I’m less likely to play the “I don’t feel well” tape that is usually a constant in my head.

So, if the time and the option are available to you, please (yes, I’m talking to myself here) do what you can to make yourself look your best.  You may be 10x the size 3 you would like to be, but make that size 30 look its very best.  You will thank yourself at the end of the day.  The end. 🙂

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