Can I have a do-over?

Today I started the Beach Body Ultimate Reset.  This is a 3-week cleanse that includes supplements, clean eating, and a gradual elimination of animal products that should allow one’s system to detox and “reset.”

I’m excited about the process and I hope to have time to share something every few days along the way regarding my experience.

As per usual, I’m over scheduled.  I had a friend take before shots, but I’m not willing to share them at this point.  I will share my weight as of first thing in the morning today (day 1).  I’ve made it through the supplements and meals and find myself not hungry at all at 5 p.m.  The afternoon supplement, Alkalanize, worried me.  I was afraid it would become expensive vomit.  It wasn’t too bad (thankfully), and I do believe it gave me a bit of an afternoon boost.  The miso soup at lunch was a bit of a misstep (too much seaweed), but the broth was good and I ate as much seaweed as I could manage).  The rest of the meals today have been great and I’m looking forward to tonight.  I didn’t get my measurements but will do them tonight.  The expense and prep for this program has been a bit extreme, but I end today very hopeful that this is going to be just the thing to start me moving in the right direction.

I hope to write my “why” and share it here before too long.

My weight, day one, 6/13/13:



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