D is for…well, it is for a lot of things

As I was thinking about what aspect of working to get fit and healthy I should use for the letter D I batted a lot of words around.  Dedication.  Determination. Digging Deep.  You get the picture.  Then I remembered that one of my inspirations that I first heard about when watching Good Morning America and who I now follow on Facebook has a motto that includes 4 D’s.  So I thought, “Why not give the people four bangs for their buck??”

Let me introduce you to Edwin Velez.  His story as I first heard it can be found here:

You can follow him on facebook here.

His four D’s (one has been added since the GMA filming) are Drive! Determination! Dedication! and Discipline!

I think Edwin is amazing and I am so grateful for the many inspiring people who have traveled this road before me.  I hope to follow in his footsteps in putting these four D’s into motion in my life.

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  1. That is so inspirational!

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