New Beginnings

I’ve been on the path to fitness and better health for many many years.  The past several years have found me sitting on the side of the path playing in the weeds.  Sometimes I have wandered back onto the path and made a bit of progress.  Mostly, though, I have wandered on and off only to find myself going in the wrong direction and feeling shame and self-loathing and the need to explain that I know I’ve been off the path and playing in the weeds.  That’s right.  I’ve been wasting time trying to explain where I fell off the path and trying to justify why I’ve been playing in the weeds for so long.  And do you know what?  That mindset is detrimental to my well being.  So I’m saying it here one last time…

*Yes.  I once lost 90 pounds.

*Yes. I gained it back and then some.

*Yes. I’ve wasted a lot of time playing in the weeds, trying to justify this failure, and feeling stuck in the identity this shame and supposed failure created in my mind.

*Yes.  I still want to lose this weight.

*No!  I will not be justifying that lost time any more.

*No! I will not let the thought of that failure/those failures and the lost time make me feel shame any more!

I am worth it just as I am right now.  My former successes and failures are neither to be applauded or shamed.  They just are.

I am moving forward.  This is a new beginning.  I can and will succeed.  I know that there will be times in the future where I will wander off the path.  When I do and when I recognize that I have, I will swiftly and with great enthusiasm rejoin the path and I WILL NOT belabor the mistake but I WILL rejoice in the opportunity to move forward once again.

BIG things are coming to me, my fitness path, and this blog in the very near future. HUGE! EPIC!

Stay tuned.  You won’t want to miss this!


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