I Quit!

There is a fine line between setting high goals for yourself and pushing hard to get/do something you want and putting yourself in a no-win situation that basically sets you up to fail.

I step over that line OFTEN!

Recently I’ve been feeling pretty good physically. I’ve been able to do more things and harder things than I have for the past few years without feeling like I’ve been hit by a giant truck. It has been so awesome!

True to form, I decided to run with this. And I started out a bit more optimistic about the capabilities of my body than I should have. A few weeks of vigorous exercise, a long car ride (13 hours each way—but split up with an overnight stay in the middle of each leg), and extra punch of stress at work, hard things in my personal life and I’m in the middle of a pain tornado that has spiraled into another three-week long cold and exhaustion. Am I just a wuss?

I feel like a failure.

I’m tired.

I’m embarrassed.

I want to give up.
But I can’t…….

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