When I go for what I want…

I get what I want!  These are the words that struck me like a lightening bolt when I heard Cassie from tonight’s episode of Extreme Weight Loss.  When I go for what I want, I get what I want.  It struck me like lightening because I know at my core that this is a truth.  At least I believe it to be true for me.

Based on my current circumstances and knowing that I believe this, one might believe that these are things that I have gone for:

  • 327 pounds
  • inactivity
  • no relationship
  • consumer debt

Don’t get me wrong.  There are a lot of things that we could add to this list that would prove my belief right (great job, wonderful friendships, a nice home), but I want to focus my thoughts tonight on the things that don’t seem to quite fit the picture of this recently remembered (via lightening bolt hearing) belief.

Why am I 327 pounds if I want to be fit, healthy, and active and believe that if I go for it, I will get it?

Why do I continue to live a life of inactivity if I want a life filled with sports, hiking, camping, dancing and fun, and I believe I will get it if I go for it?

Why do I hide from a significant relationship if I want one and believe that I can have that if I will allow that blessing in my life?

Why do I continue to put myself in the position of owing others when I make a good living and believe that I don’t have to be in debt if I don’t want to be?

These questions are not new to me.  I’ve asked them to myself more than once–in fact several times–over the past two decades.  True to my nature, I often need to mull things over for quite some time before taking action on them.  Twenty years does seem like an unusually long time.  Gratefully I know this about myself and I am not going through this exercise now as a means of beating myself up for taking so long to get here, or for that matter for being in this situation at all.  My life is what it is right here and now.  While I may want to go back in time to change this thing or that thing, I’m not sure that I would change a single thing if I had that opportunity.  My life is good.  I am who I am today because of every single second that has taken place in the past.

Where do I go from here?  Especially now that I’ve remembered the truth that what I go for in my life, I will get, more often than not?

The first step:  Declare what I want!

  • I want to weight 145 pounds!
  • I want to be an ATHLETE!
  • I want to find the love of my life and be married!
  • I want to live a financial abundant life–one that will allow me to be a help to those in need!

How do I go for those things?  Stay tuned! 🙂

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