Kubex Day 1

Here we are, 11 days into August and I’m just getting to Kubex for my first time. I have been overwhelmed with getting enough walking in that I won’t collapse at the Top of Utah Half Marathon on the 23rd.

I went to Kubex right after work. I did the upper body sequence. I liked it. There were several things I liked about it and a few things that I think might make it a difficult sell for me long-term. Here are my thoughts:

  • It was a better workout than I anticipated I would get
  • It was efficient
    • I didn’t have to think about what to do next
    • I didn’t spend a lot of time wandering from one exercise machine to the next
    • I was able to stay focused because I knew the time for each exercise was short
    • I was done in 29 minutes
  • I was surprised at how well the actual weights I would use on each exercise were estimated from a simple grip test. There were two exercises where the weight estimated was 7 pounds. Really? 7 pounds? What kind of wimp must I be. Well….7 was about right.
  • I anticipate that the next time I do this workout I will move up in weights in most areas, but it was pretty spot on. I was tired and ready to stop when the voice instructed me to do so.
  • Being alone in the cubes is good for focusing, but I’m a social being and I missed the people.
  • It was a bit isolating
  • I wonder if I would become bored with this over time.

I will go back at least two more times this week and hopefully try the lower body and the abs workouts. I also hope to spend some time on the treadmills.
Overall my first impression is positive. I think, particularly at my current fitness state, this could be a really good thing!

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