The Week of the ROI!

ROI=A snazzy acronym for Return on Investment.

I’m in finance… makes a lot of sense to me 🙂

Sunday I was chillin’ with my extended family. I was talking about some work things and the fact that I don’t have a degree and how that always makes me a bit nervous when it comes to pursuing new opportunities related to my work. I was mentioning that there is a part of me that would like to get a degree in the next few years so that I can eliminate that as a factor.

My ever-wise sister-in-law asked me to outline what the Return on Investment (ROI) of going back to school (we are both big Dave Ramsey fans and this is definitely a Ramsey question). In other words, would the time, money, and effort that I would need to put into getting a degree provide the right kinds of dividends? Would the result be worth what I invest?

Since then I’ve been asking myself that question about many thing. It really is an awesome question to ask about anything you are considering doing. Think about it the many applications that could apply to the area of health and fitness:

  • Is this hotdog worth the return on investment I will get from eating it (is it the appropriate fuel or will I feel like crap after)?
  • Is this hour spent watching TV worth it? Or would I be better off (have a better ROI) if I used that time to go for a walk, prep my meals for the next few days, etc.

I guess when it comes right down to it, this thinking gets me around to asking the right questions. Is this my only option (i.e. hotdog)? Is there something I could do that would provide me with a better ROI of my time, energy, finances, and effort (would I be better off eating that hotdog or putting a little more time, maybe a little more money, and some thought into eating a meal that will serve my goals better)?

So with that in mind, I’m naming this the Week of the ROI. I will be asking myself questions related to my behaviors in order to be more deliberate in my decisions regarding the use of my time, money, and effort, and hopefully always choosing the activity with the higher ROI.

I challenge you to do the same and to comment here to let me know if and how this has helped you form better outcomes with your health and fitness.

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