Food Musings

Food.  Can’t live (happily) with it (at least not the way I use it now), Can’t live without it.

While I haven’t jumped into the way of eating that I know I need to 100% yet, I’m having some pretty close to 100% days scattered in amongst the not so great days.  There have been enough of them that I can make a clear distinction in how I feel when I eat the way I want to and when I just let things happen the same old way they have been happening.

Simply stated, when I eat the way I know I should, I’m not hungry all the time.  I’m not constantly thinking about what I get to eat next.  I feel more in control.  My mind is more clear.  I have to pee a lot! (really a lot)  I don’t feel bloated.

So why don’t I just eat that way all the time?  From this point forward I will do my very best to keep it plant based.  I really want to make some progress towards getting off my BP meds before I go to food jail in December.  Anything that I can do now to make that experience better will just be a plus!  I would also love it if I could be under 300 pounds when I weigh in there.  That is a pretty good long shot, but I’m going to give it my all.

Preparation is my biggest hurdle right now.  While I love to cook, I’m so tired at the end of the day that it is the last thing that I want to do,.I really would set myself up for success if I would set aside time 2x a week to prep some simple (key word here folks) meals that are quick and convenient.

What strategies do you employ to make sure that you have good food available to you when you want/need to eat?

How do you avoid the convenience food trap?

How often do you grocery shop?

Do you shop and cook your meals from a menu? (especially interested in how this works for those of you cooking for one)

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