“I read recipes the same way I read science fiction. I get to the end and say to myself “well, that’s not going to happen”
―Rita Rudner

Eating out and doing so healthfully is exhausting.  It is also expensive.  And, if you are trying to eat out and still limit your salt, sugar, fat, and animal products…..well, good luck to you.

Lucky for me I have always enjoyed cooking.  The prep and the clean-up I can do without, but the cooking is fun.  Cooking taps in to my artist side, my perfectionist side, and even, at times, my athletic side.  Learning to cook with these new guidelines has been interesting to say the least.

I’m really enjoying reading new recipes and imagining them.  I’ve been watching a boat load of cooking demonstrations.  I particularly enjoy The Chef and The Dietician with Chef AJ and Juliana Hever.  They are entertaining and their food looks delicious.  I can’t wait to try some of the things I’ve been learning.

Another lucky for me….I have two pot lucks to prepare for in the near future.  One of the recipes I want to try is this one: 

Earlier this week I made a trip to the grocery store.  The already shelled pistachios were quite expensive (just under $14/pound) and they were salted.  No bueno.  So I bought $18 worth of pistachios with shells on them.  A few nights later I sat down to shell those pistachios in prep for making this salad tonight.  Here is what I found out about shelling 2.055 pounds of pistachios.  You will want to pay close attention as I know that this information will come in handy for all of us at some point in our lives:

  • shelling 2.055 pounds of pistachios takes approximately 2.055 hours,
  • 2.055 pounds of pistachios results in about 1.5 cups of final product (of course, you must take into consideration a 3 to 1, eat to save ratio for this to be accurate)
  • pistachio shells under the fingernails would be an excellent substitute for bamboo under the fingernails–should any of you ever find yourselves in the position to torture anyone
  • calloused thumbs from shelling large quantities of pistachios are both unattractive and painful
  • shelling pistachios late into the night can give you a stomach ache the following day (see second point above–perhaps a different eat to save ratio would alleviate this problem)
  • eventually you will arrive at an understanding as to why shelled pistachios are $14/pound and what a great price that is.

This salad had better rock it!  I haven’t even started trying to get those juicy red seeds out of the pomegranate yet.  I may be up for another adventure.

Hopefully I will be able to take some pictures as I compile this detectible treat and share them with you in a day or two. The next thing on my cooking to-do list is to learn how make a really good vegan Pho-like dish.  I ate this beauty the other day, and while I had them leave the meat out and add more veggies, I’m sure it was made with beef/chicken/fish stock and probably had way more sodium than I should eat.  It was so good….I must find a way to eat this according to my new ways!  Any ideas?


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