Food: The Farewell Tour

Yes, much like an aging rock star, I have been on my farewell to food tour this last week. I went home for Thanksgiving fully prepared to show great restraint. I had a lot of plant-based dishes planned and to be honest I was overwhelmed and a bit stressed out.  So I made a decision. Perhaps it wasn’t the best decision in light of my new way of eating, but it occurred to me that perhaps a modest serving of those things I loved most on Thanksgiving (my very favorite holiday) would be an appropriate signal to the end of my old way of eating.  Some closure, if you will. This is the last Thanksgiving when a regular pumpkin pie is on the menu. So, I still loaded up my SOS (Salt, Oil, and Sugar) free kale salad, my plant milk, oatmeal, and bag of clementine cuties and headed to the parents to begin my farewell tour of food.

As much as I would like to be able to say that it was awful, I shouldn’t have done it, and that I was sorry that I had, the farewell to food tour was very successful and I think a necessary part of this journey for me. I needed to say goodbye to yams with lots of butter. I had to have one last date with creamy, dairy-laden mashed potatoes. I needed to get some closure in my break-up with traditional pumpkin pie.

While they all tasted delicious in the moment and I’m glad I had those last few bites, I’m more convinced than ever that the direction I’m taking with this way of eating is truly what is best for me.  And….I think I’m done. I have a holiday party at work on Friday and another a week from today that will present me with my final culinary temptations. Wednesday I will be on restrictions in preparation for my trip to TrueNorth.  I was thinking that I would let pizza be my friend on Friday, but I’m not sure I will be able to do it.  I think I’ve crossed that threshold.  .And do you know what? I’m ok with that.Unlike those aging rock stars, there will not be a farewell tour part two. This fat lady has sung. This girl is craving broccoli, cabbage, and quinoa. It’s so odd. I feel empowered!It gives me so much hope.I’m getting nervous for my upcoming adventure. I haven’t ever taken three weeks off all at the same time before. It will be strange. I am exhausted, so I’m looking forward to doing a lot of sleeping the first week I’m in California. I still feel like this is the right thing to do and I’m excited to get moving! I have my computer all set up and ready to work remotely if need be. I have my kindle loaded with books to read. I’ve got my mailing list together so that I can send Christmas cards while I’m gone. Bring on the adventure!

2 thoughts on “Food: The Farewell Tour

  1. This is so exciting! I feel your determination. It’s powerful. The most impressive part for me was that you have crossed the threshold and won’t even care about pizza! When i think about my own self not wanting pizza I realize that is some serious progress. I am so proud of you Teresa. This is big. I am so intrigued and anxious to see this happen for you and to see what it will bring….

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