And So It Begins

First, in response to thoughts on my previous post, I was reminded by my good friend K-dub that not all birds are happy.  She reminded me that we were attacked by a duck on the freeway during our last chick trip.  She also reminded me that on that very same trip she was assaulted with seagull excrement.  Birds are not happy to her.  Birds are evil in her book.

My grand adventure began this morning.  My brother, Trent, drove me to the airport.  It was so nice to spend some time with him.  I have awesome brothers.

My good friend, Paul, picked me up at the airport. We did a driving tour of San Francisco and this is definitely somewhere I would like to visit again when I have more time to be a real tourist. It was fun to catch up with my old friend!

So many of you have gone out of your way to let me know that you support me in this endeavor and I appreciate it so much! It is so nice to have supportive people around when one is embarking on something that is scary.  And I must say that as good as I felt about coming here when I made the arrangements, I have been a bit apprehensive the past week.  Did I do the right thing in giving up my trip to St. John with my friends?  Should I really have spent money on something like this.  Can I really spend three weeks by myself–and over the Christmas holidays, no less?  Can I really take this much time away from work without falling so far behind that I’ll regret it?

I arrived at TrueNorth just as it was getting dark, and I haven’t had much time yet to  look around.  The concierge that checked me in was very nice.  We got through all of the paperwork and then did a tour of the facility.  It isn’t anything fancy, but it is very nice and I am so excited to be here.  I met one of my suite-mates.  She seems like a very nice young woman and was very helpful.  As I was unpacking, a nice gal stopped by to do my initial medical intake paperwork.

And now I am ready for bed and it is only 8:30.  I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of resting while I am here.

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