A Seven Dwarfs Day–Day 2

Today I think I could be named after many of the Seven Dwarfs.  We could probably even come up with a few other dwarf names based on my attitude today.  Mainly I am Sleepy and Grumpy, but we could also add Forgetful or Foggy and Squinty.  Much as I expected, I have been tired today.  I’ve slept a lot.  I’m going to bed early.

My visit this morning was from Dr. Yuen and intern, Jen.  I liked them both.  We struggle with some of the blood pressure cuffs–they don’t fit my arm well. You should see the bruises.  However, after a few tries, we landed on 152/90–which is AWESOME!  I forget the temperature number, but it was a bit higher than yesterday, I believe.  My weight has only gone down less than 1 pound to 316.6, but I’m ok with that for now, plus I don’t think I drank enough water yesterday. My day-end blood pressure (Dr. Verness, the nice lady from yesterday, Jen the intern, and another intern whose name is lost in my foggy brain) was 158/90–so I’m feeling very encouraged about the blood pressure coming down.

Dr. Lisle’s lecture was good.  I’m feeling a bit of brain fog today so I couldn’t tell you the gist of the whole lecture–even though it was very interesting.  Towards the end he was answering a question that led him to talk about Coach John Wooden and how talked about the process being more important than the outcome. Practicing well was more important than winning.  I like that thought.  I know my Dad always used to tell me that the way you play in practice is the way you will play in a game, so practice was every bit as important as the game.  It really makes a lot of sense in a lot of areas in our lives.  What we do in the preparation stage and how we approach that is is every bit as important, if not more so, than what we do in the final hour.  How we approach our preparation determines how we will approach our game.  Good food for thought.  This was, however, only a small part of the lecture and only my interpretation.

I did spend a few moments a couple of times today just sitting in the courtyard. Smelling the goodness and watching some cute birds.  Hummingbirds. My favorite!  It is raining now, so I’m back inside and thinking that I’m going to go to bed pretty early tonight.  My head hurts.

Tomorrow will be a full day.  I have a blood draw at 8:10, the regular morning and evening visits with the rounds crew, and I’m hoping I will feel well enough to make it to Gentle Yoga at 10 and Dr. Goldhamer’s lecture at 2.

I’m grateful for the comments and texts and phone calls.  I’m especially grateful for the strength I feel from my Heavenly Father.  I know He is helping me through this process. I’m very hopeful that this will get my blood pressure under control, help me overcome some of my cravings and bad food habits, and start me on the path to bringing my weight under better control.  Life is good.

4 thoughts on “A Seven Dwarfs Day–Day 2

  1. The thoughts on the importance of preparation seems so fitting, given you are at TrueNorth to prepare for the rest of your eating life. You can definitely do this! Thanks for sharing. [http://discoveringthewordofwisdom.com]

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