Water Fast Day 3: Or the day my teeth felt like they were wearing sweaters

Today is day 3 of just water.  I slept fairly well last night with the last 3-4 hours being pretty restless.  Still I woke up feeling fantastic!  My blood pressure this morning was 134/96, temp was 97.7, and weight was 311.6. It looks like everything is moving in the right direction.  I had an appointment to get my blood drawn at 8:10.  As per usual, it was difficult to get one of my tiny veins to cooperate.  We ended up getting one vial out of the back of my right hand and the others out of the back of my left hand–after we used a warmer to get those veins to surface.  Once I got back to my room, things started to take a bit of a turn.  My tongue felt like a hairy dog had taken a roll on it and my teeth felt like they were wearing sweaters.  My breath does not taste good.  My sinuses feel full and my teeth and gums feel like I’ve had the hulk vigorously flossing for me for a few days.  What stared out a small headache developed to the point where I was wondering how I was going to handle it.  And, my muscles feel achy like they do when I’m getting the flu.  I decided to miss the morning gentle yoga class, instead opting to just lay in my bed and be.  I watched a couple of educational DVD’s and the went to the afternoon lecture.

The lecture was given by Dr. Goldhamer.  He is awesome.  When I was considering coming here I had an initial phone consultation with him and he told me, in a very blunt manner, some realities.  And even though it stung (a lot), it was something that I really needed to hear and that I proabably wouldn’t have listened to if it had been sugar coated.  Thank you Dr. Goldhamer.  Some of the things I took away from the lecture:

  • most people are medicated for their poor diet–not their condition
  • much like an alcoholic can’t continue to take just one drink, many of us who are obese can’t eat the pleasure trap foods just a little here or there–or we would have done it already
  • it is important to recognize your own limitations

When I got back from the lecture I had a great surprise waiting for me in the form of a voice mail.  My friend–who I have never met in person–Janet Carter had called to say that she will be in Santa Rosa during the last week of my stay here and would be stopping by to visit and have a meal with us.  After that initial consult with Dr. Goldhamer I contacted Janet, as she is one of their True North Navigators (testimonials) and I wanted the low-down from someone who struggled with similar issues and had actually spent some time here.  Now I am excited that I will actually be here at TrueNorth when I get to meet Janet in person.

So far this has been a great experience.  I have planned to check in with work a bit while I’m here, but I think that will be limited.  I’m still dealing with a little bit of brain fog and the amount of time and effort I need to put towards rest is way more than I planned on.  But I’m seeing the necessity of it more every day.

8 thoughts on “Water Fast Day 3: Or the day my teeth felt like they were wearing sweaters

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog.
    Unfortunately, people don’t understand why taking just one bite can be harmful. All the hard work you go through to detox and get over the sugar and food cravings can be lost in one bite. It’s just better to avoid the bad food and enjoy all the other food you can have.

    1. Thanks Maria! I agree and I’m working in strategies for my trigger circumstances when I go home. Following the right way of eating will be the most important part of my stay here.

  2. Teresa, I am so glad I know you and that you are my friend. I can’t explain to describe what I’m feeling right now…it’s just….good. I’m proud of you, amazed at what you are doing, fascinated by the whole process, and other stuff that can’t be expressed with words. Thank you for sharing your experience and especially for describing each day. I’m loving it. And you!

  3. I’m so glad you are doing well. I would love to hear some of the lectures you’re talking about. I definitely need to go back to eating the way I did the first year after my surgery. Keep up the good work lady!

  4. You doing it, one day at a time! I love the wise counsel. I agree. If we can’t eat a food sparingly, better to not even take the first bite! Jane [http://discoveringthewordofwisdom.com]

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