Days 5 and 6: I’m still alive!

Sorry for the radio silence friends.  The past two days have bowled me over and I haven’t had energy for much more than one class per day and laying on my bed moaning.  The good new is that all of blood pressure readings and my weigh-in’s each morning are headed in the right direction.  This morning I was at 128/80 and my weight was 301.2 (16.5 down). after 6 days of fasting, I’m very happy with that.

Now for the not so happy.  The past few days have been more of what I faced on day 4–a bad sinus headache, achy all over, low back pain, and GERD.  Luckily yesterday, I think thanks to the many prayers that were sent my way, I started with the fizzy water early in the day and I was able to stay ahead of the worst GERD symptoms.  This morning the headache is much less, my achiness has lessened and so far (knock on wood) no GERD symptoms.

So, day 5 was filled with interesting activities.  I was feeling pretty good in the morning so I went to a chair yoga class.  In the afternoon Dr. Klaper gave a presentation.  I like him.  He is an engaging speaker (look him up on  youtube).  It was good and informative.  My back hurts such that it is hard to sit for an entire hour without wanting to punch someone, so sitting through the lectures, even the really interesting ones, can be difficult.

Day 6 brought a cooking demonstration by Katie Mae. She demonstrated a black bean burger that had onions, smoked paprika, chipotle powder, corn, rice, etc.  They looked delicious.  She also made a cranberry sauce that smelled so good!  I’ve liked all of the lectures, but the cooking demos are my favorite.  I’m looking forward to a demo by Chef Ramses Bravo today.  He is the executive chef here at TrueNorth.  Becka, the assistant director did the afternoon lecture and I was interested to see what she would discuss.  Unfortunately, I was feeling weak and tired and I opted to just stay in my room and rest.  I think I really needed that.

I got my blood test results back this morning and they were about what I expected.  My CRP, which is an inflammation marker that predicts cardiac risk was way way high.  Higher than its ever been.  The high/normal number is 3.  I’ve been averaging around 50 and this time it was above 70.  Time bomb.  It’s a good thing I’m here, I think.  My cholesterol looks good.  Two of my thyroid markers were way off.  I’ll be interested to see if that is the case once I’m done fasting or if the fast has just stressed them out.  My sed rate (also an inflammation marker) was also very high.  I need to look into this one more.  I know this is one the rheumatologist ordered when they were trying to figure out what was behind my painful hand joints, etc.  My A1c has creeped a little higher, but I know with what I am doing that will be down soon, so I’m not worried about that.

Overall, this experience is just what I expected it to be, but also a lot harder than I imagined.  I was talking with one of my brothers about how  conscientious I’m going to have to be when I get back.  A lot of things that are routine for me will just not cut the mustard any more.  Instead of eating out 2 or 3 or more times per week, I will be eating out very little (a few times a year).  Its just too hard to control what goes into my food unless I’m the one making it.  My brother was reinforcing that if I started back eating cheeseburgers when I get back, those would be some expensive burgers (due to how much I’m paying for this 3 weeks of treatment).  Now that I’m here I have an even stronger motivator.  Any time I’m tempted to step outside of the plan I’m building for myself, I’ll just have to look back at days 4-6 and know that I can’t have gone through all of this misery just to revert to my old ways.  I just can’t do it.

Hopefully, the rest of the day will remain a good one.  Thanks!  Love you all!

5 thoughts on “Days 5 and 6: I’m still alive!

  1. Teresa: I can see there will be many good things that come out of this experience, especially because it is not easy. You and your brother have just pointed some of them out. Things that come easy don’t always have the same lasting impact. They don’t have the same power to change us, and change is what you want. You will learn things through suffering that you could never learn otherwise, and the good thing is that you are in a place that can help you move through those hard things and learn the lessons without tempting you to drop out!

    One of the greatest blessings of this experience, I believe, is that through overcoming these challenges, you’ll be much stronger when you get home, both to serve yourself and to serve others. MANY MANY others need what you are doing through, and you’ll be a light and example to them and also have the empathy to understand what they are going through and the experience to share some wisdom with them.

    All this is for a great and a glorious purpose!! Love, Jane []

  2. I’m curious what you mean by ‘contentious’. With yourself? With friends? in any case I’m proud of you for making such huge changes. Change is hard and I know I’m scared of it. You are an inspiration to me and I’m so happy that we’re friends.

    1. Ah, Karen. What I meant to say was conscientious. Darn typing errors. And every time I’ve read it I read conscientious. No contention. Only increased awareness. Love you, my friend!

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