Day 9: I’m Feeling Fine!

It’s day 9 of my water-only fast and I’m feeling a bit more like my spunky self this morning.  I slept really well, despite the coughing and sputtering from the mucus monster.  Both of my roommates have moved out so I should be getting new ones shortly.  Today is the beginning of what they call the “Holiday Extravaganza” here.  There will be several special guests, and judging from the new schedule that was brought to my room this morning, they have increased the lectures/activities from two to 3 most days.  I’m really excited that Chef AJ is here.  She is someone I have followed for a while and I think she will have lots of helpful hints for how to do this in the real world.

My blood pressure this morning was 126/78.  Wahoo!  I saw my Dr., Sophie, for a moment this morning and she had already seen the report and was very happy.  Dr. Yuen who came by for rounds also said I was doing really well and she was impressed with the rapid improvement of my blood pressure numbers.  I, of course, told her I was on over-achiever (sort of tongue-in-cheek) and that they should expect nothing less.

My weight is down to 298 which is within .4 of losing 20 pounds.  I can see it a little bit in my face, but I think most of it has come off of my boobs.  Seriously….my bra doesn’t fit any more.  Now if the hips and gut will just follow 🙂 Yay!

Yesterday in the comments, Jane asked if there was any help provided by the Center for dealing with real life when we get home.  I am happy to say that there is.  Every time I hear Dr. Lisle speak or listen to his videos, he gives some great advice about how to handle different situations at home.  I’m thinking it might be a good idea to make an appointment with him and ask him for advice for specific situations.  I know I’m in trouble if I don’t prep, so that will have to change. I need to schedule my prep time and make sure I have a plan for my week.  I love to eat out, but I often get there and am pulled in by the “just this once” thoughts in my mind.  My friends are all very supportive–the weakness is mine.  Yesterday he talked about the type of things that he orders in an Italian restaurant in order to eat what he needs to.  I think I could do that. Another thing that has helped is talking to the other participants who are here for their second, third, or fourth visits.  They have been out there in the real world and have some very good ideas for strategies in different situations. And, some of the DVD’s have excellent help.  For instance, I watched one last night by someone named Laurie Woods who described herself as a reluctant vegan, but felt so good after she started that she decided to embrace it and make it her own.  Her video showed how to do some big batch cooking one day per week and then how to use those ingredients in a variety of ways in order to make six separate meals.  The meals looked quite varied.  They were a baked potato with black beans, cucumber, corn, salsa and guacamole; a tostada with beans, rice, some roasted vegetables and salsa/guacamole; a big serving of rice with beans, roasted veggies and some thinned out hummus; baked potato wedges with guacamole dipping sauce; a giant southwest salad with greens, rice, beans, salsa, cucumber corn, guac and hummus.  It gave me great ideas for how to cook once a week and make it work without eating the same thing every day.

Although I will still be willing to go out with friends to eat–especially knowing more now about how to order–often our going out is more about getting some time to talk than it is about the food.  I’m going to be more willing to host at my house.  Whether it be a potluck, or I’ll cook if they are willing to eat what I cook, or an everyone bring your own dinner kind of thing–the important thing is to spend time with those that we love and connect with them, not what we eat.  So friends… ready for lots of invitations to come to my house for dinner.  🙂

All in all I am doing very well here.  I have some twinges of homesickness, but I think I will survive.

2 thoughts on “Day 9: I’m Feeling Fine!

  1. Thanks so much for the great strategies for dealing with tough situations! I would love to be able to refer people to a website that lists all kinds of great strategies like this. They are so needed! Jane []

  2. That food sounds good. I think I’ve been having this psychological block that the food you are going to have to eat after is going to be boring and not fun. You are the queen of making any food lookn and taste delicious, but stilll…Now I’m thinking this is doable and a good way to eat. Thank you Teresa.

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