Days 10 & 11

First for the really good news:  My blood pressure has normalized.  It averages with the top number between 118 and 128 and the bottom number between 74 and 80. I am so stoked about this.  Chances are that I am really super sensitive to salt and I will need to be aware of this as I return home.  The other good news is that I have lost 22.4 pound.  I’m happy about that!  I can’t really see a change but the other participants comment on it frequently.  My complexion is clearing up.  I even had one Dr. ask me today if I was wearing foundation.  Um…no.  That’s not allowed. 🙂

As for the detox symptoms, my mouth tastes like I’ve been sucking on dirty socks.  Anywhere that I have a large fat deposit (think thighs, belly, bat wings) I am itchy.  The mucus has mostly subsided.  I’m glad for that especially because the coughing has kept me and probably my upstairs neighbors awake the past two nights.  I’m hoping for good sleep tonight.  I have been really tired and really thirsty the past two days.  I’ve literally napped from lecture to lecture and missed a few.

The lectures I have made it to have been great.  Yesterday there was gently yoga in the morning, which I didn’t make it to.  I’m hoping I feel well enough to go tomorrow.  I haven’t felt dizzy or light headed, but I have to be careful not to move to fast or I feel a bit wobbly.  I’m not sure how the gentle yoga will be.  Dr. Goldhamer gave a lecture yesterday afternoon that was excellent.  He always has us go around and tell who we are, where we are from, and how we came to know about True North.  I was explaining that I learned about them as a result of some random internet searches (I think I found Dr. Fuhrman, then Dr. McDougal, and then them).  He asked me why the website hadn’t scared me off.  I told him that it hadn’t scared me but that he did when I called him.  As I mentioned earlier, he was blunt, but it was just what I needed. Chef AJ had a lecture at 7:30, but by that time I was too tired.  I was sad to miss it.  It sounds like they talked a lot about food addiction and how to deal with related issues.

Today’s lectures were great.  Cathy Fisher from gave a food demo where she showed us how to make vegan, oil free waffles which she topped with date syrup, raspberries and a dusting of cashews.  It was gorgeous.  She also made hash browns and homemade ketchup.  The most interesting ingredient in the ketchup was apples (to replace the sugar that would usually be used). She also did a baked oatmeal with dates and strawberries that can be used for breakfast or chilled and used as a snack bar sort of thing.  It looked delicious.

At 2:00 we had a food demo by Chef AJ.  She is a riot–a lot of fun to watch and interact with.  She demonstrated the quinoa, pistachio, currant and pomegranate salad that I shared a while ago.  It looks like I did it right.  Everyone seemed to love it.  She also uses an electric pressure cooker made by Instant Pot a lot.  She made a sweet potato and yellow split pea soup in like 20 minutes.  It was crazy.  And it smelled and looked so delicious.  Another dish she made was a clafouti–bananas, strawberries and your favorite all-fruit jam mixed together and put in a baking dish and then topped with an oatmeal mixture. It looked and smelled supper yummy.  That was topped with a pear creme anglais–from what I could tell, it was apparently a really good replacement for whipped cream.  She showed us how to make a replacement for vanilla extract.  Then she spiralized a bunch of zucchini and used them in place of pasta under what appeared to be a very delicious sun dried tomato marinara sauce.  People were flocking back for seconds of this one.

All I have to say is that it takes nerves of steel to sit through food demos with the smells and the yummy noises going on when you haven’t eaten for 10 days.  I am hopeful there are good demos next week when I can partake!

Tonight, Dr. Csilla Veress (one of my favorites), a Naturopathic physician in residence here, gave a lecture about what natauropathic medicine is and how that fits in with the types of things that they do here.  Because I already go to a Naturopath back home, I was familiar with a lot of what she talked about but it was still very interesting information.

Right now they are having movie night with a viewing of the movie “Cowspiracy.”  I was too tired to attend.

I’ve had the apartment to myself for a few days with has its pro’s and con’s.  It’s nice to have the solitude, but I do miss the easy interaction. People are super nice but it takes me leaving the apartment to interact with them, and too often I’m just tired enough not to.

I got a fun phone call from friends that were having a party on Sunday, a package in the mail today, and many of you have kept contact almost daily via text, e-mail, or facebook.  Thank you so much!  Your support means more than I can even express.

Choosing to come here was a hard decision. I was embarrassed to even be in the position to need to deal with some of the problems that I needed to deal with.  I think I will find that this is the decision that turns things around for me.  I feel like I’m getting the BP under control and the knowledge of how to keep it there, and I’m learning so much about how to live more healthfully.  This has been a Godsend and I’m so grateful that things were bad enough that I had the courage to step out of my box and do this.

3 thoughts on “Days 10 & 11

  1. Teresa, I am so very proud of you. You are doing so very well- you rock!!! Keep up all the good work. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Can’t wait to have you back with us so we can chat and laugh. And can’t wait until you get to eat something. You said it best… Nerves of Steele, baby! Hang in there. Love you.

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