Day 12 & 13

The last two days have been pretty uneventful.  It was Christmas Eve and Christmas so I’ve been a bit homesick.  Luckily I got to talk to lots of my peeps so that helped.

As for stats, I’ve settled into a pretty predictable 120/70. I’m feeling really good about that! Yay! My weight this morning was 291.8, so that’s not quite 26 pounds.  I can’t really see the loss anywhere, but I’m beginning to feel the difference in my clothes.

The fasting hasn’t been an issue.  It is pretty routine at this point.  I did have some issues with stomach upset on day 12, but it passed by the morning of day 13 and hasn’t returned.  I continue to be tired.  I do find that I’m walking more slowly and deliberately and making sure I don’t stand up to quickly.  I haven’t had issues with dizziness, but I don’t want to either.

Unless something unusual happens, I will start on juice tomorrow.  I am looking forward to the refeed.  I am certain I can make this work for me at home, but it going to take a lot of planning at first.  I got some really good advice from a couple that have been doing this for 3 years.  They suggested just finding 3-5 meals that I really like that are compliant and eating them exclusively until things are more settled.  That way it will take the stress out of having to cook a bunch of new recipes–maybe doing one special new recipe every couple of weeks or once a month.

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to visit with Dr. Lisle, the psychologist, or not.  But I decided that I should take advantage of every opportunity while I’m here.  I have an appointment with him tomorrow evening.  I mainly am looking for strategies to stay as compliant as possible, given my particular personality traits.

As far as lectures, they have kept us pretty busy.  Day 12 I was feeling pretty tired so I skipped the first two but I did go the the evening lecture given by Chef AJ.  It was about how to eat healthfully anywhere. Here are my take-away points from that lecture:

  • The biggest reason we find it hard to eat healthfully away from home is because we haven’t yet mastered eating healthfully at home.
  • Outside eating events are optional for the most part.
  • Always pre-eat before you go somewhere that could be tempting.
  • Always have a car pack
    • Get a cool purse (like my friend Karen Luthi has) so you can always carry something healthful with you.
    • Some of the things to carry with you are:
      • cooked potato
      • fruit
      • water
      • cut veggies
      • rice
  • Find new traditions to create with friends.  It doesn’t all have to be about eating.

Day 13 was full of torture Aka cooking demonstrations.  First we had a demonstration from Katie Mae of  She made a substitute for a chai latte, a Christmas cookie, and a lentil shepherd’s pie.  They looked and smelled delicious.  I’ll definitely be trying the shepherd’s pie in the near future.  Shepherd’s pie is one of my favorites.

The next demo was by Chef AJ and her friend Shayda.  Shayda made a barbeque sauce using pineapple juice as the sweetener that I think would be delicious on my faux sloppy Joe’s.  Lots of people will use lentils (I still need to try this), but I like to use shredded cabbage.  It gives it that pulled pork look and texture and is yummy.  Next the made the Eat Loaf from Anne Esselstyn’s newest cookbook.  It is faux meatloaf using cannellini beans and a lot of vegetables.  They used the barbeque sauce on this.  It looked and smelled delicious. Then AJ made a cranberry relish and a triple apple cake.  They served the cake for dinner with vegan vanilla icecream.

The evening lecture was Dr. Morano.  She talked about studies on intermitent fasting and possible ways to incorporate this into your schedule for weight loss and maintenance.  It was interesting.

The final event of the evening was a presentation by legendary photographer Henry Grossman.  Henry is a sweet man who is staying here right now.  I had no idea I was interacting with such an iconic character.  He is a photographer/photo journalist, actor, opera singer–you name it.  He is one talented dude.  Here is a clip from 60-Minutes that gives you some insight to his work and just a small glimpse of what we got to see last night.  He had such fun stories to go along with each picture he showed us.  He has photographed the Kennedy’s, The Beattles, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton’s wedding, Nelson Mandella, and many, many more.  I’m so glad I got to be here for this.

I am really enjoying my time here, but I am also eager for the time when I can return home and get back to normal routines.  I miss my own bed, my friends, my family, and my job.  But I am soaking up every bit of goodness I can get while I am here!

3 thoughts on “Day 12 & 13

  1. Teresa- I love reading about everything you are doing and learning, and especially about your healthy numbers. You are inspiring me! I hope the last week is the best :).

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