Days 16 & 17: Juicing and Eating (and sleeping a lot)

The days are starting to run together for me a bit.  I did 2 days of juicing.  It was delicious.

This lovely pink spot of deliciousness was my first taste of food in more than 14 days.  I believe it was watermelon and celery.

first juice

Here is what the second juice of day one looked like.  I’m not sure what was in it, but the celery was prominent.  I’ve always liked celery, but now I’m in love.

green juice

There was some confusion as to whether or not I was supposed to be on a one-day juice or a two-day juice regimen. They apparently had it noted that I needed two so I got two days.  I was a little disappointed at first as I was ready to sink my teeth into something, but in the long run I think it was a good thing for me.  The second day juices were about the same as the first.  On the juice days I had a lot of energy.  I spent some fun time outside visiting with the other participants and getting some good advice from them.

Yesterday I didn’t make it to morning meditation.  I haven’t been to meditation or yoga yet.  I’ve really enjoyed just spending some time in my room reading and thinking about my plan for coming home.  The afternoon presentation was by a man named George Taraviras.  He has been a participant here several times.  He told about his personal story and his struggles even after coming here and fasting and then falling back into the pleasure trap.  It was moving.  I could identify so much with who he was before he got it all figured out.  It was moving and very inspiring to me to see someone who did well and then would fall and would get back up and keep going.  At one point he even moved in here for a year because he had such severe food addiction issues and needed the controlled environment and the support across enough time to make things work for him.  He also went over how he eats, how he preps his food, how he deals with social situations, how he travels, etc. in order to stay on plan.  He is very militant.  I have to say that I was a bit depressed last night as I thought about his presentation and wondered what life will be like for me when I get home.  He talked a lot about doing well for 6 or 8 months, having one slice of pizza and then leaving that party to go get a whole pizza and eat the whole thing–only to be followed by 6 months of pizza and donuts and a gain of 100 pounds.  It was all too real for me.  I am confident that I can do this when I get home, but I’m not so naive as to think that I’m not going to have struggles.  Luckily, I had my conversation with Dr. Lisle to fall back on–I don’t have to be perfect.  I can do this–even with an 80% or B average.

One of the best things about being here is the people I have met.  They are awesome.  For instance, after the presentation, George raffled off some books.  A sweet lady I met, Lodema, won the Bravo cookbook.  As I was leaving the presentation she ran after me asking if I had the book yet.  I bought it just before I came here.  She said she just wanted to make sure I had it if I needed it because she wants so much for me to succeed when I get home.  That is what they all are like–in their own unique ways and I love them!

The one thing that keeps being reinforced to me is that it’s not about the outcome (although that is important) but it is all about the process.  Stay focused on the process and I’ll be ok.  If I step away for a meal or two–pull my focus back to the process–fast or juice fast for a day or two to get the cravings out of my system–or eat a monofood (like all watermelon) to move things through quickly.  I have the tools.  I just need to remember to use them.

Today the food was tasty.  Today is all raw.  I can do raw veggies–they want me to focus on the juicy ones with lots of water content–and any fruit except citrus.  I did a small bowl of just cut up veg and some fruit for breakfast.  The things I loved before were delicious.  I still don’t love jicama–no matter how badly I want to.  I’ve never liked papaya, but it was delicious this morning.  Here is a picture of my breakfast.

first breakfast

Lunch was a bit bigger salad of basically the same things with the addition of salad greens.  The taste of everything has really intensified.  Cherry tomatoes are the bomb!  And celery is still my favorite.

I was not very hungry at dinner. I had a few cucumbers and celery along with some cherry tomatoes and a banana.  I spent most of today just hanging out in my room.  I just felt like chillin.

first lunchI believe that tomorrow I get steamed veggies too.  I’m excited.  They looked very yummy today.

My BP tonight was 90/65–which may be a little low.  I’m happy, though, that introducing food back didn’t make it go up.  My weight was 292.4, which is up a bit from yesterday.  This is due to re-hydration and I expect it will go up a few more pounds.  I’m trying hard not to be married to the number.

Tomorrow I want to go to all of the lectures so it will be a busy day.  Hopefully my energy levels will be feeling the food and I will be able to keep up to it all.

Until next time.

One thought on “Days 16 & 17: Juicing and Eating (and sleeping a lot)

  1. I loved this post! I was very moved by George’s story. We need more than rules and discipline, we need the Lord! I’m starting a series on weight loss in Meridian Magazine which I hope will be helpful to you and others. The first article came out today, “The Word of Wisdom Way to Weight Loss: My Yoke is Easy” []

    I also love celery!! Jane []

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