Success at the Doctor’s Office

A few posts ago I mentioned that I had some success at the doctor’s office.  The week following my trip to True North I visited my doctor.  My main physician is a Naturopath. I asked him what his thoughts were on water-only fasting before I went to True North.  His initial response was that he thought there was a place for it but that he didn’t think that I was quite to the point where I needed that.  He thought that my next step might be to do some heavy metals testing.  However, by the time I had a chance to ask him about it I had already signed up.  He gave me his blessing once he checked the place out and found out that I would be medically supervised.  On this visit following my fast, my blood pressure was great and we are now just on a wellness program.  I’m no longer taking any medication nor any supplements.  I may have to add in some Vitamin B12 at some point.  I am going back in a few months for a blood test to see where things are at and I’m excited to see my markers improve. While he is supportive of my diet, he doesn’t necessarily agree with it 100%.  He feels like there is a place in a healthy diet for good oils.  We shall see.

I really feel like I’ve taken a grand leap in the right direction as far as good health and longevity go.


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