Unexpected Motivation

In the last post I wrote a lot about the mistakes I’ve been making since I’ve been home.  Today I want to focus more on the things that help me recalibrate when I have made a mistake and motivate me to regroup and move in the right direction.  One of those things happened in pieces over the past two weeks.

Several weeks ago I was given the opportunity to sign up for a leadership workshop at my job.  The workshop was held yesterday.  I signed up for it well before I went to True North, and to my knowledge I didn’t say anything to the event organizer about needing any restrictions on my dietary needs.

About 10 days ago, the organizers called and said that they had heard that I may need something different than the sandwiches, chips, cookies they were planning for the lunch that was provided.  She happened to call on a day where I needed a little boost and some extra motivation.  I don’t know for sure which little birdie made sure they knew that–although I have my inklings.  I am grateful they did and they scored some big time cool points in my book.  I made better choices the rest of that day because I didn’t want to let my supporters down and because I was reminded of how important this is to me.

The workshop was yesterday.  When I picked up my name tag, the organizer told me what they had ordered for my lunch and said she would make sure I knew where to find it when lunch time came.  Then she brought me a lovely, giant, salad with lettuce, beets, mushrooms, carrots, and cucumbers.  It was so kind and just the way that they handled it gave me confidence to ask for what I need the next time that I’m in that situation.

Dear colleague who made sure they knew what I needed, and lovely organizer lady—thanks for helping me.  It means a lot and has motivated me to keep on moving in the right direction.  People ROCK!

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