Are We Having Fun Yet?

Do you ever have moments where you feel like you are making things harder than they need to be?  I’m having one of those moments….day after day.  I’m having those moments when it comes to my food.  I’m having those moments when it comes to exercise.  And do you know what?  It isn’t fun.  Feeling like you are spending all of your time chasing your tail or circling the drain when the solution to your problem seems so apparent and easy and yet every effort you make feels so difficult is down right discouraging.

But I’ve had an epiphany.

This epiphany came in terms of exercise, and I think I can parlay it into terms of my food and my sleep and my work and my finances and my spirituality–any area of my life where I’m feeling the angst of living in a space that seems more difficult than it needs to be.

Here’s how the epiphany came about.  Background:  I’ve been following Rhonda Martin on facebook for a while now.  Rhonda is an amazing inspiration.  She has lost a lot of weight over the past few years, but even better, she has unleashed her inner athlete and has proven that persistence pays off!  Early in her journey she started moving by incorporating the use of a Pedego Electric Bike.  She was able to pedal for as long as her body would allow and then the bike could help her go for a while until her body was rested enough to go again.  She now is in love with cycling and shares her love of this particular type of cycle often. Recently she posted a link to a post from Pedego that shared an opportunity to win a bike that touted that exercise should be disguised as fun.   Watching the video got me thinking about times in my past when I’ve felt good about exercise and when I’ve felt most like my authentic self in the realm of activity and movement.  It led me to remember a blog post from long ago on a different blog. In the post I talk about how I had played basketball and how for just a moment I glimpsed the me that I used to be.  The woman who loved to run and jump and play.  As a morbidly obese person, you avoid running, and jumping, and playing for a myriad of reasons–it’s painful, it’s embarrassing, It’s awkward.  I had (and have) forgotten that part of me who loves to move.  Who gets a kick out of competitive sports and dancing to loud music.  And I realized yet again that I’m putting emphasis on the wrong areas of exercise which is making it more difficult to do.  I need to focus more on having fun.  On doing active things that I love and that are fun.  And let’s face it, I enjoy social exercise.

So, I’m taking a new approach to my fitness.  I’m going to dance more–whether it is an organized Zumba class at the gym, an in-home dance video, or just putting loud music on and busting out a funky dance move in my basement.  I’m going to do other things that are fun–like hiking.  I went hiking on Saturday with a good friend and her daughter and I accomplished so much more than just exercise.  I connected with people who are important to me and strengthened my sense of community.  I used muscles that I may not have if I was just walking on a treadmill or doing weight training at the gym.  I got to spend some fabulous time outside soaking up some Vit D.  I’m going to take every opportunity to shoot baskets in the driveway or play catch with a friend or nephew.  I’m going to throw a frisbee around at the park.  I’m going to weed random people’s flower beds.  And, yes, I hope I’ll be riding a bike (regardless of whether or not I win the Pedego)!  I’m excited just typing this.

This summer is going to be the summer that I fully reconnect with that athlete that I know is inside.  I saw this photo on facebook the other day and I feel like it really epitomizes how I’m feeling, where I’ve been, and what I have to look forward to. If that is a real sculpture and anyone knows anything about the artist or the piece, I’d love to learn more about it.

What do you like to do for exercise?  Do you consider it fun?  If your exercise were disguised as fun, what would it look like?

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