I’ve heard other people talk about it. The proverbial “aha” moment. The time when “it” just clicks and you know that “things” will never be the same. “Things” being whatever it is that has plagued you for months upon years upon decades. That thing that has kept you from being the person you want to be. That thing…you know the one. I think tonight may have been host to my very own Aha moment. I didn’t even realize it at the time. But now, looking back over my day, I see it so clearly. Sitting there right in the middle of a hundred other ordinary moments, that straw sticking out from under what appeared to be a very broken camel’s back disguised as any other ordinary moment I’ve had on every other random day of my life. Suddenly it is so clear, that thing that has been holding me back.
I don’t mean to be vague or cagey about what exactly it is. Perhaps I’m timid about sharing because it seems so simple and ordinary that I can’t believe it really is the solution to my seemingly insurmountable obstacles to health and fitness and my ultimate happiness. Perhaps I just want this for myself. At least for now.

I can’t imagine going backward from this point. I’m not quite sure what this new me looks like or how this newfound understanding of mine will manifest. I just feel the need to let you…whoever may be reading this…know that I feel somehow changed by this realization and I have every expectation that things will be different for me from now on. You may not notice it right away, but let’s look back in six or twelve or eighteen months and evaluate what changes come.

3 thoughts on “Epiphany

  1. What a perfect, post! I love everything about this. I KNOW that moment! I wish I had those moments more often. You captured that feeling exactly. Can’t wait to learn more!! discoveringthewordofwisdom.com

  2. By small and simple things great things come to pass. It can take time for those simple things to be drilled into our heads doesn’t it. 🙂

  3. Wow! This is so great! And ingriguing. I hope there comes a day when you are ready to reveal the straw because that could make for some good conversation…and you know I love good conversations with you.

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