Go Home!

“Go Big or Go Home!”

We’ve all heard that call to action.  I’ve even made that call to action.  It is a motivational saying means to encourage one to give the task at hand their all.  Because, if you don’t give it your all then you may as well go home….the place for losers and those not willing to push their limits.

I’ve been thinking about this saying for a few months now.  I’ve decided I don’t like it.  Home shouldn’t bee seen as a punishment or somewhere to retreat to in shame because we haven’t been able to meet some great, although possibly unrealistic, goal.  Home is where we should nurture the best in ourselves.  Home is where we should give our best efforts.  Not where we go, with our tail tucked between our legs when we fall short of our goals.

Home is awesome!  You are awesome!  You should go big! At home. Anywhere you are. Go big! Give it your all! Bring it home, but don’t see home as a place where you go when you can’t or aren’t willing to give it your best effort.  Home deserves your best effort.

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