Fleeting Moments of Inspiration

Fleeting moments of inspiration….I have them a lot. Thoughts that randomly light in my mind and heart like a butterfly flits from flower to flower, they make an impact and then move on.


I need to make a conscious effort to write them down or record them in some way so that I can learn and retain as much as I can.  A few weeks ago I clicked on a random thing I saw in my facebook feed that talked about a man who had written his own obituary.  Oftentimes when someone writes there own obituary it is entertaining, so I thought I would check it out.

This one, however, held one of those fleeting moments of inspiration.  You can find the Obituary of James Motsumori here. He sounds like the kind of man I would have liked to have known.  He had an interesting life.  The thing that stuck out to me was in the paragraph talking about him learning Japanese on his mission.  This statement moved me: “But it was there that I learned that I could do hard things and that obedience brings blessings and strict obedience brings miracles.”

I have always known that I could do hard things. Lately, however, I’ve felt less than confident in my ability to create change with my own physical body.  I have a hard time visualizing what that would look like for me.  I have vivid memories of what the workouts were like the last time I lost a lot of weight and how it got a lot easier but I keep getting stuck on the how hard it is part and I feel like I’m really floundering with both the exercise and the food goals I have set.  There are days when I wonder why I’m struggling so much.

It occurred to me as I read this obituary that I haven’t been “obedient” to those physical laws that I believe govern the health of my physical body.  I also haven’t been obedient to my interpretation of the Word of Wisdom.*  I need to be more obedient to those laws that I believe govern my health.  I can’t do otherwise and expect to blessed with a different outcome than what I am getting currently.

Obedience allows God’s blessings to flow without constraint. He will bless His obedient Children with freedom from bondage and misery. And He will bless them with more light. ~Russell M. Nelson

It is clear to me that I need blessings in this endeavor.  My attempts to do it on my own are failing miserably.  To be frank, I need a miracle.  As I’ve been studying obedience this week and looking for ways in which I can apply it to my health endeavors, I am convinced that what was stated in this obituary is true.  Obedience to these laws is my answer and strict obedience is what will be required of me to get the miracle I desire.  Now comes the hard part of putting this into play.  With God’s help, I know it can be done.   Here are some quotes that I will be taking with me to remind me of my resolve and my belief that God will help me as I strive to do what I need to do:

“As we follow [the Savior], He blesses us with gifts, talents and the strength to do His will, allowing us to go beyond our comfort zones and do things we’ve never before thought possible.” ~Robert D. Hales

The knowledge which we seek, the answers for which we yearn, and the strength which we desire today to meet the challenges of a complex and changing world can be ours when we willingly obey the Lord’s commandments.” ~Thomas S. Monson

*I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsThe Word of Wisdom is a law of health revealed by the Lord for the physical and spiritual benefit of His children.

One thought on “Fleeting Moments of Inspiration

  1. Thank goodness, we are members of a Church that believes in miracles. In fact, we believe in a God of miracles. None of us can do this on our own. We all need God, but He waits for us out of respect for our agency. Bless you!!

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