Good Things About Today…

Yesterday was not my best day. Not by a long shot.

My habit on days like yesterday has been to try to refocus my thoughts to the positive.  I will often make a post on Facebook that starts with “Good things about today….” and then write 5-10 things about my day that were good in order to keep me out of the self-pity quicksand.

It usually works.

Yesterday I was struggling.

It feels like I’ve been riding the same merry-g0-round of discontent with my life for more than a decade now–even though there have been multiple, semi-successful attempts to exit this particular ride.  Yesterday I made some mistakes at work. I was well aware that I’m back at my highest recorded weight (despite my many attempts to be otherwise). I felt tired, overwhelmed and sad.

I wanted to write a “Good things about today” post, but I just didn’t have it in me.

And then this happened…


You might wonder what a picture of a tree swing has to do with anything.

Well….it came along with this kind note in a facebook message from one of my high school/neighborhood friends from back in the day:

I was thinking about you today. I pass by this bench every time I run and today was the first day I didn’t want to stop and just sit down on it. That made me think of how you are always trying to improve yourself. You are constantly trying and that is so inspiring to me! I hope this doesn’t offend, I am not trying to – I really appreciate you! Thank you for being you, love ya!”

It was just what I needed to hear and arrived just when I needed to hear it!

It was my “Good Things About Today” yesterday and it means more to me than I can express.

Knowing that someone notices that I keep trying, makes me want to try harder–to not give up.  Having that message arrive at the very moment that I decided I didn’t have it in me to think positively about my day reassured me that God knows me, loves me, and teams up with others to make sure I’m taken care of.

Thank you friend for your good example, for reaching out to me when you thought about me, and for helping turn a less-than-stellar day into a terrific day.  I hope I can follow your example.



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