I’ve been struggling. I want to write here. I feel like I need to write here. But I’ve been struggling with what to write. And whether or not my blog has a theme. And does what I want to write fit that theme.

I have several domains from several blog attempts. They all route to this address–which is simply my name. Lots of random, simple, and complex thoughts all under the monikur of one simple name. Findingmyinnerathlete forwards to this address. Lifebeginsinthemiddle forwards to this address. All of the others….forward to this address.

Why are there so many–because somewhere in my mind I have decided that I have to write to a theme. And that seems to change. A lot.

So here’s the plan. I’m going to write and write often.  For 3-6 months. It might be about finding my inner athlete. It might be about fighting for financial freedom. It might be about the fear that I feel as I look at my very middle-aged self and wonder what in H-E-double-toothpicks I will do with the rest of my life to make it what I want it to be when I feel like I’ve failed miserably up to this point. I may post pictures and recipes of my latest WFPB SOFAS Free recipe one day and tell you about my favorite passage of scripture the next. I might wax sentimental about my sweet Mom and rage about dementia in one post and talk about my inability to face my food addiction (because is that really even a thing–can’t get past step one) the next.

I assume I’ll eventually settle on something. Find that space that seems most like home to me. But I’ll be honest…..It will probably take me a while.

It will help A BUNCH if you will like, comment, and/or share any post that speaks to you. That way, I will know when the crazy in my head that makes it out in written form here actually makes sense to others. While I do this mainly as a way to talk myself through things, I would love it if my doing that was meaningful to a larger audience than, well, me.



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