It’s February. Finally, January, with all of its hype and promise of a new year and a new you, has exited stage left taking with it both the wide-eyed promise of grandiose change and the head-hanging shame of early defeat. February is where the rubber really meets the road and we find out if we are in it (it being all of those grand resolutions) for the long-haul or if it’s really just back to the old boring business as usual of SS/DD (same stuff, different day).

I’m here to say that SS/DD may be the way to go in order to actually reach the desired outcome of those goals you set in January. There is one caveat, though. Your February SS/DD can’t be the same as your December SS/DD.

All too often, we get caught up in the grand gestures and wide-swept habit changes that come along with New Year’s resolutions. We think we have to change everything, or at the very least we have to make radical changes to our daily habits in order to achieve our goals.

My experience is that the grand, sweeping changes fade quickly and I return to those things that are easy and comfortable. The trick is in making reasonable, manageable changes to something that I do every day that will bring me closer to my goal.

For instance, January’s focus has been on movement. I set a goal early in the month to make daily movement early in the day a part of my new norm. Initially, I got all fired up and thought, “I should do this 3x per day.” And, “I should add weight to this routine to make it harder.” Or ” I should also go to boot camp everyday in addition to this workout.” But that is something old T would do–the T who would set herself up for burn-out, failure and self-flagellation. Sure, some days I would also go to Zumba or another class at the gym. But can I tell you how much better it was for me in every way to set a simple, manageable goal and actually succeed? It was so much better.! And now my SS/DD includes this new improved habit.

I’ve heard it said that you won’t change your life until you change something you do everyday. I would add that the change doesn’t need to be grand or New Year’s resolution worthy. It just has to be meaningful and consistent.

Have you made any changes to your SS/DD?

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