Where is Your Focus?

I’ve been thinking a lot the past few months about focus. I’m a firm believer that the things we focus on are the things we bring more of into ur lives.

It can be hard to keep our focus positive. I don’t know about you, but I have enough negative circling about me that I don’t want to give it any more power by focusing on it.

As someone who likes to look at life through the lens of her camera, focus is a word that I can really identify with. When making a picture, focus is key to getting the final image I desire. When I was first learning on my old film camera, I would often be excited so see the developed print of an image only to find that while I had been focused on a particular element in the picture, the autofocus setting on my camera was actually focused on a completely different element causing the final product to be disappointing.

Have the experiences from your past caused you to have an internal autofocus that leads to outcomes in your life that are less than desirable and disappointing? Do you find yourself focusing more on what is missing from your life than the bounty with which you have been blessed? Are you focused more on fear or avoiding uncertainty than you are on creating awesome in your life? Are you focused more on protecting your feelings and playing it “safe” than you are on love and kindness and reaching out to others?

These are all questions that I’m trying to ask myself whenever appropriate circumstances arise. I’ve been having some fun creating mini vision boards for myself using the analogy of focusing a camera to focus my thought ms and desires. I’ve done this in a way that looks a bit to me like the focus of a camera and I’ve made several of gear for different areas of my life. I find it very useful.

Here is one I created to hep me refocus on the good things to come out of my new eating/health lifestyle, especially when things seem difficult and I find myself thinking about how hard it is rather than how much good I get from it.

I have a tendency to get caught up in things that are stressful–like work issues–and I lose my focus on the person I really want to be. Here is one I made as a reminder for me this week to try to do all things with love and to stay focused on what I want and not my circumstance.

What strategies do you employ to keep your focus?

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