To Dream the Impossible Dream….

Do you ever feel like you’ve got a little bit of greatness bottled up inside of you? Maybe it’s a lot of greatness. And every once in a while you see or hear something or interact with someone that opens the blinds and shines a light on who you know you could be if you would just be brave and take a step out into the light. That maybe, just maybe–if you were willing to give voice to that deep-seeded calling you feel stirring within you when you dare let a little light shine on it–you would be unstoppable.

But instead you hold your dreams and wishes close. So close that there are days when you don’t dare let even yourself in on the secret because giving your hopes and dreams a voice and then not accomplishing them feels as though it would be more devastating then letting them drown slowly in a lake of fear, doubt and procrastination.

Perhaps, like me, you’ve let the fear and doubt rule the roost–for a really long time. I don’t know about you, but lately it seems like someone’s been opening the blinds and shining that light into my soul a whole lot more. So much that I can’t ignore it anymore.

Change is on the horizon. I can feel it. I am excited about it. I am willing to admit what I want and what I feel called to do. I am ready to embrace the fear I have of failure, ridicule, and just plain being wrong and to fall flat on my face if that is what it takes. Writing here more frequently is one of the first steps. Stay tuned.

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