50 by 50 Progress

50 Things By 50 (in no particular order)

Items in blue have been started. Items in green are completed

  1. Release 150 pounds
  2. Complete at least 4 months on a WFPB SOS free diet
  3. Pay off all of my consumer debt
  4. Save 6 months emergency fund = to 6 months living expenses
  5. Try, document and share one new recipe per month
  6. Complete the Rouxbe Plant-based cooking course
  7. Sing Karaoke at a public venue
  8. Write a hand-written letter to 30 family members
  9. Write a hand-written letter to 20 friends
  10. DNA info from Ancestry
    • Kit sent in 5/3/17
  11. Finish 4 BeachBody programs and submit my results
  12. Visit the ocean at least once (but more if possible)
  13. Go camping
  14. Spend a day at Bear Lake
  15. Hike the Wind Caves
  16. Research 30 ancestors and help them get their temple ordinances
  17. Visit Antelope Island
  18. Donate 50 things I no longer need
    • Completed 4/28/2017–detailed post pending
  19. Become an expert shot with a hand gun
  20. Learn how to shoot a bow
  21. Take a photography class
  22. Create and display a piece of original art in my home
  23. Take a painting class
  24. Take the cabinet making class at Bridgerland
  25. Refinish a piece of furniture
  26. Learn how to play 5 hymns on the piano fluently
  27. Use my passport to go somewhere
  28. Blog 30 days in a row
  29. Finish the Courage Works program
  30. Finish the blogging course I signed up for
  31. Read 15 books
    1. Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average, and Do Work That Matters, Jon Acuff
    2. The Orphan Keeper, Camron Wright
    3. Currently reading: Loving What Is, Byron Katie
  32. Read the LDS Standard Works
  33. Read the Book of Mormon following Elder Bednar’s advice to note the enabling power of The Atonement
  34. Complete Elder Nelson’s challenge to read every scriptural passage about Christ
  35. Buy a really good chef’s knife
  36. Become an Argos expert (work related)
  37. Become an Excel expert (work related)
  38. Do 50 anonymous random acts of kindness
  39. Get my photo taken again — near my 50th birthday
  40. Visit the Grand Canyon
  41. Make it through a month using only pantry items for meals
  42. Create an original recipe
  43. Become a morning person
  44. Visit the Spiral Jetty
  45. Go on a date
  46. Speak at a BeachBody Super Saturday event
  47. Experiment with makeup and get better at it
  48. Find a cause I believe in and volunteer
  49. Create a house cleaning routine/checklist that make that chore more enjoyable
  50. Set up my estate plan/documents
    • Appointment with attorney is pending
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